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solution ensures FMCSA compliance
and delivers superior safety and productivity for any fleet

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Our platform provides teams with full toolkit of functionality to manage your fleet easily and safely


HOS Logs

GPS Tracking

Vehicle Inspections

Trip & Route Playback

IFTA Calculations

Driver App on Android & IOS


A Comprehensive ELD Solution




Easy to use drivers' mobile application

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Intuitive fleet manager portal

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is your ELD FMCSA certified?
In compliance with the FMCSA’s ELD Mandate, our ELD Compliance Solution was registered and certified by the FMCSA.

Do I have to print my logs during an inspection?
With our ELD, you’re not required to present physical logs. Our ELD is able to transfer data electronically, but screen displays can also be presented if need be. However, an enforcement officer may request that additional information be provided by email, fax, or other similar means within 48 hours of the roadside inspection.

Will your ELD help prevent HOS violations?
World Trucking ELD is designed to notify drivers, safety officials of potential violations beforehand. Notifications will be received by the aforementioned parties 1 hour, 30 minutes, 15 minutes, and 5 minutes prior to the violation.

Will the application work on my cell phone?
While ELD devices will connect and work with cellular phones, we highly recommend running our application on a tablet for optimal performance.

How ELD Device installed in the truck? 
World Trucking ELD can be installed effortlessly. Once you plug the ELD device into the diagnostics port of your vehicle, On the app you need to input the ELD Device MAC Address and, your device should be paired

How can drivers create driver vehicle inspection reports (DVIRs)?
Drivers can use the World Trucking ELD Electronic Logbook App to create DVIRs. The DVIRs created in the app can be accessed by fleet managers by viewing the World Trucking ELD Portal (Dashboard).

How is driving time recorded?
A driver’s driving time will be automatically recorded as long as the driver connects their mobile device to the ELD via Bluetooth and the vehicle is registered in the World Trucking ELD App. A vehicle is considered to be in motion if it is traveling over 5 mph.



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